Best of: Pull-Overs

Hey guys!

SO. I think that I’m going to start something new here on the blog! I’m thinking about starting my first series! It will be called “Best Of,” and just be a collection of the “Best Of” certain things! So for instance, this is the Best Of Pullovers! I’m thinking of doing it once a week, so that means I will hopefully be posting more! My job takes up a lot of my time, but I am up for the challenge!

That being said, this post is all about my favorite pullovers! In the fall, I basically live in pullovers, especially quarter-zips, of which I have a million of! I love them because they’re great layering pieces, they keep your warm, and they’re just super cute! Hope this helps you guys find your perfect pullover!

Also, leave any comments that you may have about what you think should be included in the series, or if you like the idea! Thanks so much guys! I always appreciate your feedback!


Best of pullovers


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Weekend In NYC

Hey guys!

Today’s post is all about my weekend trip to New York City two weeks ago! My Mom, Dad, and I went to NYC because they got me tickets to Hamilton for a graduation present! It was a great weekend, and I already miss the city so much.

New York Weekend - Hamilton-1

My new Shep Shirt was perfect for the train ride there! It’s so cute, yet extremely comfortable! We stayed at the Millennium Broadway, which is right in Times Square, and super close to the theatre! The first night, we went exploring in Times Square before calling it a night! 10/10 recommend visiting the Disney Store in Times Square because it’s ADORABLE. My Dad and I had a blast looking at the Marvel goodies.

New York Weekend - Hamilton-2New York Weekend - Hamilton-3New York Weekend - Hamilton-4

The next day, we went to Saju Bistro, which was right across the street from the hotel. It’s a super cute French cafe, and I had a delicious omelette. After that, we explored some more, but this time we went to Brooks Brothers on Madison Avenue, then to the Vineyard Vines in Grand Central Station!

New York Weekend - Hamilton-5New York Weekend - Hamilton-6

| Sweater | Button-DownBracelet |

New York Weekend - Hamilton-7

After exploring, we went back to the hotel to get ready for the show! It was hands-down the best Broadway show I have ever been to (and I’ve been to quite a few).

New York Weekend - Hamilton-8New York Weekend - Hamilton-9New York Weekend - Hamilton-10

After the show, we went to the Polo Bar, which was sooooo good. Not only was this probably the best experience I’ve ever had at a restaurant, but the decor was unbelievable. I’m pretty sure I spent the whole dinner talking about how I wanted to decorate my future home the exact same way LOL.

New York Weekend - Hamilton-11New York Weekend - Hamilton-12New York Weekend - Hamilton-13

After dinner, we went to my favorite store (Abercrombie, duh), and walked around 5th Ave for a little bit!

New York Weekend - Hamilton-14

The next day, we went out to breakfast (again) at a cafe called Cafe Un Deux Trois, which was also right down the street from our hotel. I had an omelette (again) and the BEST COFEE I’VE EVER HAD. I seriously had like 4 cups of it, it was THAT good.

New York Weekend - Hamilton-15

Sweater | Shoes |

New York Weekend - Hamilton-16New York Weekend - Hamilton-17

After breakfast, we explored some more and ended up going to Central Park, and The Plaza Hotel for some coffee and lunch before catching our train back to Philadelphia!

Even though I was only in the city for two days, it was an amazing trip! There was hardly a second where I didn’t have a coffee in my hand, and we walked everywhere, which is at the top of my favorite things to do list.

Leave a comment if you have any questions about any of the places that I went, or if you’re looking for more recommendations! Thanks so much for reading you guys!


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Fall Favorites Under $50

Hey guys!

Today’s post is all about amazing fall staples that are all under $50, and I am collaborating with Meghan from Prepster In Pearls (here is her post)! She has an amazing blog, and you can follow her on Instagram here!

Most of these items are on sale, but I wanted to make sure that each item’s original price was under $50! With that being said, I found some great fall staples ALL for under $50! Hope you guys enjoy!

Fall Favorites under $50 2017

  1. Plaid Shirt ($29.99)
  2. Striped Button-Down ($26.99)
  3. Chunky Cowlneck Sweater ($29.99)
  4. Quilted Vest ($34.99)
  5. Striped Long-Sleeve Tee ($45)
  6. Crossbody Bag ($29.99)
  7. Plaid Scarf ($16.99)
  8. Plaid Dress ($27.99)
  9. Striped Turtleneck ($28)
  10. Loafers ($40)
  11. Booties ($34.99)
  12. Rain Booties ($24.99)


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Warby Parker: Archive Edition

Hey guys!

Today’s post is all about Warby Parker’s new collection! If you haven’t heard of Warby Parker, it’s a company that makes glasses and sunglasses, but they sell their glasses at a fraction of the price of other companies! You can read all about their history here, but basically, their main goal was to provide people with high-fashion glasses that the public can afford! And you guys, their glasses are amazing. They come in so many classic styles, and I can’t wait to stop by the Philadelphia location and try my first pair on!

If there are no stores near you, you can actually order 5 pairs and have them sent to your house for free! You have 5 days to try them on and figure out which ones are your favorite, and when the 5 days are up, you just but them back in your mailbox and use the prepaid mailing label! It’s as simple as that! The Archive Edition is not part of the home try-on, but you can try on similar frames (like these) and see how they fit your face!

With the Archive Edition, each pair of glasses is hand-assembled and finished by a master craftsman in Fukui, Japan! The new collection includes 5 new styles, and seven new colors in both regular glasses and sunglasses!

Starting from the top left-hand corner:
Eyeglasses: Webster Large, WebsterWebsterLowellDeweyCarraway
Sunglasses: Webster LargeWebsterCarrawayCarraway

As you can see, their glasses are incredibly unique! There are so many color combinations to choose from, so you can really find the pair that best fits you! I’m in love with the tortoise shell color options! I think they add a fun, preppy touch to the glasses, plus it matches every outfit! If you’re in the need for a new pair of glasses, I would highly recommend checking Warby Parker out!


Fall Is (Almost) In The Air

Hey guys!

Today’s post is all about this sweater from LOFT! I loved this sweater as soon as I saw it because I think that camel is like, the color of fall. It also has this amazing split back (that you can see in the second photo), which made me love it more! It’s not quite fall here in Philly, but as soon as the weather gets cooler, I know I’ll be wearing this sweater over and over again! I think that it would also look great paired with a quilted vest, of which I have many of.

camel striped sweater-7camel striped sweater-2camel striped sweater-4camel striped sweater-6camel striped sweater-3camel striped sweater-1camel striped sweater-5camel striped sweater-8

Sweater | Jeans | Loafers | Lip Color |


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Preppy Fall Essentials

Hey guys!

Today I’m telling you all about the essentials that every preppy girl needs for fall! I don’t know about you guys, but I am so excited for fall! I can’t wait to wear all of my super cute, fall outfits! I have listed some amazing pieces that are closet staples! Hope this list helps everyone!

*DISCLOSURE: If you guys don’t already know, I am a manager at an Abercrombie store, and again I just want you to know that everything that I post about them is my own opinion, and is no way affiliated with Abercrombie! I just love their clothing so much, and I just have to share my love of it with all of you!*


Fall Essentials 2017


  1. Cardigan: A simple cardigan is a great piece for fall! They are great for layering over oxford and plaid shirts, and I literally have a million in my closet! This one from Gap comes in multiple colors, but the tan is an especially great color for fall!
  2. Sweater Dress: This sweater dress is to die for! I just ordered the cream color, and I can’t wait to wear it with an oxford shirt and some riding boots!
  3. Super Skinny Jeans: Great jeans are a must for fall! I wear jeans every day in the fall, and these super skinny jeans are my absolute favorite! They are so comfortable and look great on!
  4. Quilted Vest: Okay so every preppy girl needs a quilted vest (or 10!)! J.Crew’s quilted vests make for great layering pieces!
  5. Quilted Jacket: These are great for the fall because they are perfect for the in between seasons! Quilted jackets keep you warm during the fall, plus they add a great fall touch to any outfit!
  6. Plaid Skirt: Plaid Skirts are super trendy, yet extremely preppy and perfect for the fall! They are just so classic, and make any outfit look put together! Check out how I styled mine in this post!
  7. Oxford Shirt: Okay, so obviously every preppy girl needs an array of oxford shirts! They are a closet must have, and are perfect for layering with sweaters/cardigans in the fall!
  8. Plaid Shirt: The amount of plaid shirts that I own is absolutely insane. But they are also great with sweaters and cardigans, plus, plaid basically screams fall!
  9. Crewneck Sweater: Crewneck sweaters are a great basic for the fall because you can layer shirts under them, or just wear them by themselves!
  10. Hunter Boots: Ahhhh these are my absolute favorite! Not only are they super cute, but they’re extremely warm and comfy too! I must say that they are the ultimate preppy accessory, and I wore mine all winter/fall long!
  11. Riding Boots: Again, another great fall accessory! These look great with jeans, dresses, skirts, and basically everything! They can dress up an outfit, or dress it down, which makes them extremely versatile!
  12. Boat Shoes: Okay so I basically live in these during the fall because they’re so comfy, and basically go with every outfit! Again, they add a super preppy touch to fall outfits!
  13. Loafers: Another preppy staple piece that is perfect for fall! I definitely wear these with dressier outfits, but they make an outfit look super put together!
  14. Crossbody Bag: I am on the search for a brown crossbody bag, and I think that this may be the one! I love the color, and how you can monogram it! Plus, it seems like it can hold a lot of stuff, and I like the two different handles!


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Plaid Skirt

Hey guys!

Today’s post is all about this amazing plaid skirt from Nordstrom! It is the only thing that I got from the N Sale, and I’m absolutely in love with it! I can’t wait for colder weather so I can wear it non-stop! This oxford shirt is also wonderful! It is super stretchy, so I was super comfortable the whole time that I was wearing it!

Plaid Skirt-7Plaid Skirt-1Plaid Skirt-2Plaid Skirt-3Plaid Skirt-5Plaid Skirt-6

Skirt | Shoes | Shirt | Bag |


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