The Classic Trench Coat You Need In Your Closet

Hey guys!

I went to NYC last weekend to see Hamilton, and I figured I would show you guys what I wore! We didn’t walk around too much, and we mostly stayed around Times Square, which is where the theatre is. We got brunch at a place called Thalia, and got dinner at Sardi’s, which is somewhere you have to go if you’ve never been before! Also, I’m obsessed with this trench coat, and I’m so glad it’s back! I got it last spring, but Abercrombie brought it back again for this spring, in even more colors! I also love these jeans, and the little slit on the ankle makes them just a bit different from a regular pair of jeans! They’re the Simone high-rise ankle, and they are my favorite jeans EVER. Seriously they’re so comfortable and stretchy, plus they look so good on!

nyc trench coat-1nyc trench coat-2nyc trench coat-3nyc trench coat-4nyc trench coat-5nyc trench coat-6nyc trench coat-7nyc trench coat-8nyc trench coat-9nyc trench coat-10nyc trench coat-11

Trench Coat | Bracelet | Necklace | Jeans | Shoes |

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Transitioning Into Spring

Hey guys!

FINALLY AN OUTFIT POST! My goal for this spring/summer is to post more outfit pics, because that was what I really wanted to post when I started this blog! I definitely underestimated how busy my job would be, but I’m learning how to work around it better! I wanted to share this outfit because we’re in that weird transition season between winter and spring. It’s still cold outside, but not cold enough for a winter jacket, but still too cold to not wear a sweater! I have been seriously confused as to what to wear most days, because I’m soooo over wearing my winter jacket, and I’m just ready to break out my Sperry’s! You can also shop my bracelet and use code DEVONF15 to get 15% off!

striped turtleneck sweater-9striped turtleneck sweater-8striped turtleneck sweater-7striped turtleneck sweater-10striped turtleneck sweater-4striped turtleneck sweater-3striped turtleneck sweater-6striped turtleneck sweater-5striped turtleneck sweater-2striped turtleneck sweater-1

Sweater (Similar) | Shirt (Similar) | Boots | Jeans | Necklace | Bracelet | Tote Bag | Sunglasses | Earrings (Similar) (Similar) |


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Bedroom Tour

Hey guys!

So I did an Insta poll to see if you would be interested in a bedroom tour, and over 90% of you said yes, so here it is! For the record, I am absolutely obsessed with my room. Like, it’s one of my favorite places because it’s just so me. There is a clear nautical theme going on, but the touches of Marvel/Preppy are what I love the most because they’re what makes me, me. I’ve also worked extremely hard to make it a place that I feel comfortable in. Whether by choosing pieces that perfectly fit the aesthetic, or ones that just make my heart happy to look at.

bedroom tour-1bedroom tour-3bedroom tour-4

Dresser (Cheapest one I could find!) | Sea Glass Vases (Still super cute/nautical!) | Whale Piggy Bank (This one is so fun!) | Baby Groot (Right) | Baby Groot (Left) | Rope Coasters (These look almost exactly the same!) | Shadowbox Shells (These are adorable, and it’s the same idea!) | Pineapple Lantern |

I absolutely love this bookshelf/dresser that I’ve had for years because it’s the perfect way to display pictures/knick-knacks and to store clothes! My favorite things on this are hands-down my mini Hunter Boots (learn how to make them here!), my adorable mini Groots, and of course the pictures of my wonderful friends. I’m going to do my best to link similar products to the ones that you see, but most of these are things that I’ve found at TJ Maxx, gotten as gifts, or found at a thrift store (the sea glass jars!).

bedroom tour-2bedroom tour-5bedroom tour-6bedroom tour 10-7

Oar Hook | Navy Whale (Only $8!) | Longchamp | Gingham Hat (Similar) |

I chose to hang the purses/bags that I use the most on these hooks, along with my hats so that this area wouldn’t become too overcrowded and so that I could easily reach all of my favorites!

bedroom tour-7bedroom tour-8

Cart |

I loooveee this cart that I got from Target last year! I put all of my fragrances/lotions in the navy storage bin, which helps with hiding them and keeping them organized! I also keep my favorite books on the bottom, and I love how it’s on wheels so I can move it if I want!

bedroom tour-9bedroom tour 10-26

Iron Man Light | Cork Board (Similar) (Similar) | Mini Lobster Buoys |

I love this area of my room because of my bulletin board! I make sure to put things on it that are important to me, so that I see them whenever I look at it! I got the mini buoys a couple of years ago at some store on the Wildwood Crest boardwalk at the Jersey Shore! Obviously I have to address the awesomeness of the Iron Man light. Could there be anything as absolutely COOL as this light?! The answer is no. It protrudes from the wall, thus making it look like it’s actually coming out of the wall, which is SICK. Like I said earlier, the random Marvel things in my room are actually what I love the most about it!

bedroom tour 10-22bedroom tour 10-23bedroom tour 10-24bedroom tour 10-25bedroom tour 10-27bedroom tour 10-28bedroom tour 10-29
bedroom tour 10-30

| Desk (Similar) (Similar) | Glass Jar with Rope Details | Initial Mug | Chair (Similar) (Similar) | Trash Can |

I love my little desk area, but I reaaaallllyyy wish my desk was white like the rest of my furniture! Hopefully one day I’ll either paint it, or just get a new desk, but for now, it’s perfect! I got it from an old roommate who got it from a yard sale, so there’s no link! But I will do my best to link similar options! Fun fact: I refused to buy a plain, boring trash can, and it took me FOREVER to find this one, but I am SOOOO happy that I waited because it’s so nautical and cute (especially for a trash can LOL), and it just fits my room so well! Plus, it’s only $9.99!

bedroom tour 10-1bedroom tour 10-2bedroom tour 10-3bedroom tour 10-4bedroom tour 10-5

Duvet Cover | Anchor Blanket | Bed | Monogrammed Pillow | Anchor Pillow (Similar) | Shoe Organizer (Similar) | Bedside Table (Similar) | Sheets |

I loooooooove my duvet cover! I’ve used duvets in the past and always thought that they were so annoying, but I saw this one and knew I had to have it (for obvious reasons)! I couldn’t link the seafoam tassel pillow because I got it from Target’s clearance section FOREVER ago, but I love the mix of patterns and designs! And I think that the seafoam adds a nice pop of color to my otherwise navy bedroom!


bedroom tour 10-6bedroom tour 10-8

| Rug (Similar) | Dresser (Similar) (Similar) |

bedroom tour 10-9

Jewelry Tree | Rope Bowl | Anchor Tray (Similar) |

bedroom tour 10-10

Whale Dish |

bedroom tour 10-11

Lamp Base | Lamp Shade (Cute Alternative #1) (Cute Alternative #2) | Bracelet Stand (Similar) (Similar) |

bedroom tour 10-12bedroom tour 10-13bedroom tour 10-14bedroom tour 10-15bedroom tour 10-16bedroom tour 10-17

8 Cube Organizer | Navy Storage Baskets (almost exactly the same!) | Navy Storage Cubes | White Storage Cubes (Similar) | Closet Organizer (Similar) |

So I clearly have a large collection of clothes…but I’ve always been really big on keeping everything organized! I.E. shorts, socks, and sandals have their own cube, that way I always know where everything is! I also keep my closet color coded, which definitely helps when picking out outfits!

bedroom tour 10-18bedroom tour 10-19bedroom tour 10-20bedroom tour 10-21

9 Cube Organizer | Seafoam Green Storage Cubes (Similar) |

A lot of the items here I can’t link because I got them at craft fairs or Home Goods. The rope candle holders are from a local Maine shop that I got at a craft fair, same with the sea-glass jar! Literally all of the picture frames are from Home Goods, but they’re simple enough that I think you can find them at any large retailer! The one thing that I absolutely love about this area of my room is the “Find the one who makes your heart smile” sign. I’ve been using a phrase similar to that for years now, and when I saw this at Home Goods a couple years back, I didn’t think twice about buying it! To make it a bit more nautical, I glued on two sand dollars in the corners, which just added that super beachy feel to the frame! I’ve also always kept pictures of my wonderful friends in my room because it makes my heart happy to see the people who mean the most to me!

I really, really hope that you guys enjoyed this mini bedroom tour! If you have any questions about anything in the pictures, as always, feel free to E-mail/DM me!


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Spring Wishlist

Hey guys!

So I’ve rounded up everything that I’ve been eyeing lately, and I’m gonna try really, really hard not to buy all of it! Hope you guys enjoy! Leave a comment/send me an e-mail or DM on Instagram if you have any questions!

Spring wishlist 2018

| Talbots Raincoat | Abercrombie Shirtdress | Abercrombie Pajama Shirt | Abercrombie Pajama Shorts | Talbots Sandals | Longchamp Backpack | Abercrombie Denim Skirt | J.Crew Sweatshirt | Kiel James Patrick Watch | Supergoop! CC Cream | Talbots Tote Bag | Abercrombie Tie-Waist Dress |



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President’s Day Weekend Sales

Hey guys!

So I’ve rounded up a few sales that are going on this weekend, and picked out some of my favorite things! Hope you enjoy!

P.S. The format got messed up…SORRY GUYS!


40% off throughout the store + 50% off jeans!
abercrombie presidents day
Trench | Sherpa Half-Zip | Super Skinny Jeans (my faves!!) | Varsity Cardigan |

J.Crew Factory
50% off of everything + extra 50% off of sale!
jcrew factory presidents day
New York Tee | Bowneck Sweater | Rugby Shirt | Scalloped Cami | Open Front Cardigan |

30% off of your purchase with code SOGOOD!
jcrew presidents day
Earrings | Chardonnay Tee | Quilted Jacket | Downtown Field Jacket |

40% off of your purchase and extra 50% off of sale with code: HAPPY!
loft presidents day
Trench Coat | Scalloped Shorts | Loafers |

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5 Minute Peanut Butter Fudge

Hey guys!

So while I was with my mom in Pittsburgh, we made this delicious fudge! It was our first time making it, and it was probably the easiest dessert I’ve ever made! it was so good and easy (literally took us like 5 minutes!) that I figured I would share it with you guys!

1. 1 lb. Milk Chocolate Discs
2. 1 Ib. White Chocolate Discs
3. 1 Small Jar Skippy Peanut Butter

1. Melt white and milk chocolate discs in a bowl
2. When chocolate is completely melted, add in peanut butter
3. Pour in a 9×9 pan
4. Refrigerate

And that’s literally it! My mom and I have never been the best bakers, so this quick and easy recipe is exactly what we needed!

fudge recipe-1fudge recipe-2fudge recipe-3fudge recipe-4


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Sewcialite Rope Bowls

Hey guys!

Today’s post is all about this amazing brand called Sewcialite! You can find their etsy shop here! They make these incredible rope products that are super nautical/coastal, and just all around fantastic! I’ve recently become a brand rep for them, and I am so excited to share these adorable products!


The first is this wonderful tassel rope vase (c/o) that matches my room perfectly! I love the classic rope color, and how it brings out the navy in the tassels! It is the perfect size for fitting random knick-knacks in, but, you could also but a glass bowl inside and use it as a vase! How versatile! Oh and you can make those Hunter Boot ends here!


The next is this woven rope dish (c/o) that ties in amazingly to my sea-foam and navy themed room! It is perfect for holding jewelry, because it is deep enough to actually hold it, but you can still see your options! I really really love these because there is so much detail in them, and you can really see that these are beautifully handmade!

Besides vases and bowls, they also make coasters and baskets! These coasters add the perfect nautical touch and remind me of a super cute beach house! And there is a matching basket and bowl! HOW. CUTE?! I’m also OBSESSED with these Lilly Pulitzer Coasters and this Tassel Bowl! Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been obsessed with the Jersey Shore, so it’s only fitting that I have a love for nautical/coastal decor, and these products fuel that love!

If you ever purchase anything from the shop, be sure to post it on Instagram and use the hashtag #COASTALCOOL for a chance to be featured on their Instagram page and win free swag!


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